Informality is a new independent gallery operating in the UK which curates and supports International contemporary artists with a concentration on topics such as the environment and co-existence. Our purpose is to collaborate with artists site specifically. The gallery has a dynamic contemporary programme under this context, to investigate and discuss new ways in which the visual perception of art can be changed by carefully considering art and environment combined, manoeuvring through exploratory mediums such as installation and digital devices, as well as artists who reinterpret classical mediums. 


    Informality operates with a dedication acting on our concern for the environment by seeking new procedures that can educate our need for sustainability. 

  • TEAM

    • Frederick McDonald

      Frederick McDonald

      Frederick McDonald, our Director, has close to a decade of professional experience in galleries. Starting his career in prestigious Cork Street, London and later working for a number of different galleries both commercial and highly independent. Frederick later moved to Australia where he was a consultant for one of Australia's leading commercial galleries. While in Australia, he also became a passionate supporter of museums, including Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art and also served as the President of the Young Members Committee within the Art Gallery of New South Wales. During this time Frederick received a scholarship from the Australian Federations of Friends of Museums to attend the 2018 Annual Congress of the World Federation Friends of Museums. Since returning back to the U.K, Frederick worked with a blue-chip gallery in London and is a passionate supporter as a Tate Young Patron. His passion has now driven him to contribute to the arts further by setting up Informality. 

    • Conner Nudd

      Conner Nudd

      Conner Nudd as Head of Visuals and Design for Informality has close to a decade of experience across the creative technology industry and demonstrates a keen eye and passion for the art world. Conner has worked extensively with some of the worlds leading brands, successfully delivering strategies for KIA, Pandora, and Sony Music. He has since continued to run international technology businesses and is passionate about design experiences that changes lives. 

    • Pamela Lee

      Pamela Lee

      Pamela Lee completed her Masters of Curating at the Design Museum in London close to a decade ago. Subsequently, Pamela has established a commanding international curatorial and writing portfolio. To date Pamela has commentated and curated comprehensively across the non-for-profit, cultural and commercial sectors of the Art Industry taking her around the world, working with institutions including the Chinese Academy of Art, the British Council and the Australian Museum, as well as with Art Fairs and reputable commercial galleries. Pamela is a passionate proponent of Science-Art and other inter-disciplinary collaborations and has a particular interest in the blurring boundaries between the cultural and the commercial realms of the Art World. Pamela endeavours to propel such cross-pollination through her practice and dedicated institutional support.