Francesca Mollett

Mark & Colour - A documentary by WIll Hazell

A short documentary about painting during the pandemic. Featuring artists Francesca Mollett, XU Yang & BlkBrd Creative & Ellie Dragone.


In this harrowing time, creativity has been a unifying force that has brought us closer together. Join us as we take a look back at the lockdown of March 2020 when artist Francesca Mollett turned her back garden into her painting studio.


Will Hazell, February 2021


Directed by Will Hazell
Original Music by Rupert Gillett & Jennifer El Gammal
Featured Artists Francesca Mollett, XU Yang, Deanio X, Tasnim Mahdy, Seen K26 & Ellie Dragone
Sound Designer Ruth Knight
Colourist Francis Qureshi
Cinematography Will Hazell
Additional Vocals Becky Wix
Production Assistants Tai Carter & Claude Scott-Mitchell
Equipment Wash Media & Red Green Films
Special Thanks Tom, Georgie, Aviva, Ben, Fran, Sophie, Hannah, Theo & Victoria