Upcoming Exhibitions 2021

Exhibitions include From Nature, Francesca Mollett, Sidney Nolan & Rebecca Partridge

Informality is delighted to announce its upcoming group and solo exhibitions leading into summer this year. 



February 18th - April 

'From Nature' will present a selection of works by seven contemporary artists' from around the world who use materials as central contributors to how the works find meaning and do so with respect for the material themselves.


Artists include Forest and Found, Rain Wu, Jamie North, Nienke Hoogvliet, Peter Matthews, Jesper Eriksson and Harriet Hellman.



April - May

Francesca Mollett's upcoming exhibition with the gallery will show new work responding to folklore and in particular, subterranean environments such as sacred wells and grottoes. The painting surface itself extends the artists' interest in the materiality of paint as a tactile visceral substance.


"I experiment with ways for marks to have agency, create their own edges, and resist one another using oil and acrylic's friction to create tense luminous surfaces".


SIDNEY NOLAN | Polaroids

May - July

Informality and Sidney Nolan Trust collaborate on an exciting new exhibition of Sidney Nolan's own polaroid's, curated from the Trust's archives. The exhibition will present travel, personal, and abstract images and is the first to consider and evaluate the artist's photographic output in its own right.



June - August 

'On a Clear Day', will show a collection of new and recent paintings by Rebecca Partridge which explores the relationship between our natural environment and the act of looking. Taken from Agnes Martin's series of the same name, the exhibition of watercolours and oil paintings connect a process of quiet attention to the cyclical rhythms of light in the landscape.


February 2, 2021