Our Year in Review: 2020

A look back at Informality's year

2020 has proven to be anything but ordinary. A year where we have learnt to expect the unexpected has brought about its own silver linings. At Informality these came in the form of collaborations, community and a greater appreciation for our natural world. It's been a huge year in all senses, from bushfires that engulfed the East coast of Australia, to the outbreak of a pandemic, through to the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement.

This year Informality is proud to have celebrated its first year since opening its premise. 2020 hosted 6 physical exhibitions, 3 online presentations, 2 public body collaborations and 3 commissioned essays.




A Day By the Sea

18th of January - 12th of February 

Informality Gallery


The exhibition presented new work from the rising Australian artist, James Drinkwater. The exhibition reflected on Drinkwater's deep passion and intimacy with the archive of history attached to the Australian coastline.




Behind Closed Doors

15th of February - 1st of April

Informality Gallery


In February, the gallery held its first solo showing with Swiss painter, Diane Chappalley, a recent graduate of the Slade School of Art. The exhibition titled, 'Behind Closed Doors' shared the artists' ideas on the conflict between a commercial object and objects of desire or domestic use.




14th of April - 30th of April

Online Presentation featuring: Giles Alexander, Tom Hammick, Brooke Holm


The galleries first online presentation forced into action when the first lockdowns hit the UK. 'Returning to the Moon' was co-curated by Dr Michael Warner, a private collector of NASA Apollo mission artefacts. The artefacts were shown alongside a selection of works by contemporary artists which reflected on events and themes of the cosmos.




At the Rodd, Sidney Nolan Trust

21st of May - 25th of June


Anthony White at the Rodd was developed to announce a new partnership with The Sidney Nolan Trust. Represented artist Anthony White exhibited work throughout a 17th century manor home formerly owned by the late Australian artist, Sidney Nolan. White's works were digitally imposed throughout the rooms of the property. The exhibition was organised in support of the Trust and a postponed residency for the artist with the National Library of Australia where the artist intended to research the Eureka Stockade Mural, completed by Sidney Nolan.




Spirit of Nature

9th of July - 5th of August

Informality Gallery x River and Rowing Museum


An intiative hosted in collaboration with Henley's River and Rowing Museum, saw British photographer Adrian Houston's 'Spirit of Nature' reflect on the world through moments of deep affinity with Henley's local bluebell woods.




Works from Antarctica

6th of August - 8th of September

Informality Gallery


British artist Andrew Lansley's solo exhibition featured works made after his 2018 trip to Antarctica with Cambridge University's Scott Polar Research Institute as the artist in residence. A timely portrayal of the beauty that landscape holds and the importance of its preservation.





10th of September - 13th of October

Informality Gallery

Commissioned essay by Dr James Arvanitakis


'Garden' announced the debut solo exhibition of Chinese artist, Chen Ping in the UK. The exhibition witnessed a magical array of large dynamic paintings revelling in ancient Chinese mythology.




Lay of the Land

15th of October - 9th of January

Informality Gallery

Commissioned essay written by Diane Smyth


Bringing together 12 female artists from around the world including: Kapwani Kiwanga, Tamara Dean, Meghann Riepenhoff, Odette England, Dafna Talmor, Siobhan McDonald, Brooke Holm, Peta Clancy, Rhiannon Adam, Katie Breckon, Virginia Woods-Jack, Katrin Koenning, the exhibition was co-curated by Virginia Woods-Jack and explored the concept of Mother Nature and how each of the artist's bond to their natural environments have contributed to shape their identity.




3rd of December - 9th of January

Online Presentation


An online exhibition of works to celebrate a selection of artists that have exhibited and are to be introduced to the galleries programme including: Forest + Found, Rain Wu, Brooke Holm, Andrew Lansley, Todd McMillan, Anthony Hodgkinson, Siobhan McDonald, Anthony White, Brian Grimwood, Diane Chappalley and Harriet Hellman.



December 31, 2020