Brooke Holm: MASS MoCA

Selected for artist in residence programme 2021

Gallery artist, Brooke Holm has been selected as one of twelve artists to participate in MASS MoCA's 2021 residency programme running from February - March.


Hosted by MASS MoCA’s Assets for Artists program, selected artists-in-residence receive private studio space on MASS MoCA’s campus, housing across the street from the museum in newly renovated apartments, free access to the museum’s galleries and partner institutions, shared use of printmaking and weaving equipment, optional financial and business coaching from Assets for Artists staff, and a daily group meal among a twelve-artist cohort of international peers.


The MASS MoCA Mission

'If conventional museums are protective boxes, MASS MoCA strives instead to be a dynamic open platform—a welcoming environment that encourages free exchange between the making of art and its enjoyment by the public, between the visual and performing arts, and between our extraordinary historic factory campus and the patrons, workers, and tenants who once again inhabit it. That is, we strive to make the whole cloth of art-making, presentation, and participation by the public a seamless continuum… invigorating, enjoyable, and inclusive. We want you to feel at home here, whether it’s your 100th visit to a contemporary art museum or your first.'


January 7, 2021