Francesca Mollett British , b. 1991


Francesca Mollett is a British painter whose work portrays a material body as a threshold – not singular but connected – where structures liquefy, congeal and are ultimately fluid. Constructing spatial openings and dissolving boundaries between forms becomes a way to articulate emotional events. She believes that painting as a medium can convey oceanic feeling, an idea from psychoanalysis describing how sensations relate to a mystic experience. Influenced by material feminists, particularly hydrofeminists, she imagines the human intermingling with more-than human species, translating entanglement into the arena of painting through qualities of corporeal marks, geological textures and meteorological transparencies.


Francesca Mollett recently graduated from the Royal College of Art, London and is the recipient of the Aidan Threlfall Award, (2020).  Francesca has co-curated a number of shows, including Dust sheet embroidered snow, Project Gallery, Arundel (2019), The Value of Liveliness, White Crypt, London (2018), and Smoke gets in your eye, rural BAES, near Lewes (2018) and her work has been exhibited internationally. 

Installation shots