Born: Sydney Australia, 1979

Lives and works: Sydney



2018  Preparations for Rain, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney 

2016  Farewell, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

2015  There is no hope, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

2014  Hobson’s Choice, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney 

2013  Ten Years of Tears, Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart

2013  Flare, Republic Tower Billboard, Melbourne MONA

2013  Todd McMillan - Selected Works, Wagga Wagga Regional Gallery, Wagga Wagga

2013  Promises were made, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

2013  Mountain Study, Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney

2012  Todd McMillan, Hugo Michelle Gallery, Adelaide

2011  No More Light, Grantpirrie, Sydney

2009  Ague, Grantpirrie, Sydney

2007  Let down, Grantpirrie, Sydney

2006  Alone, Alone, Grantpirrie, Sydney

2005  Study for drowning man, Artbox, Sherman Galleries, Sydney

2005  Big Boy Blues, MOP, Sydney 

2004  By The Sea, Francis Baker-Smith, Sydney

2004  Patrick Swann Presents: The Best of Patrick Swann’s Greatest Hits-Until Now, Volume 1, Francis Baker-Smith, Sydney

2003  No Visible Peculiarities. 12hr performance in collaboration with Kate Mitchell, Gallery Wren, Sydney 

2002  Untitled (from the series innerwest). Produced in collaboration with Andrew Liversage, Imperial Slacks, Sydney



2018  Albury National Photography Prize, Albury, NSW 

2017  GROUP SHOW #36, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

2017  little league, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

2016  New matter, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney

2016  Wilderness Tasks, Success, Freemantle

2015  The Alchemists: Rediscovering photography in the age of the jpeg. Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney

2015  Spring 1883 Art Fair, The Establishment Hotel, Sydney 

2015  EVERYTHING & NOTHING, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

2014  Loose Canon, Artbank, Sydney

2014  The Wandering: Moving Images from the MCA Collection, Rockhampton Art Gallery, Emerge Media Space, James Cook University, ANU Drill Hall Gallery and Wollongong City Gallery

2014  20/200, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney 

2013  The Wandering: Moving images from the MCA Collection, Ararat Regional Gallery, Cairns Regional Gallery, Inside Running, Fremantle Art Centre, Freemantle

2013  Inside the silos, Delmare Gallery, Sydney

2013  Glasshouse Port Macquarie, Artspace Mackay and Devonport Regional Art Gallery

2013  How Yesterday Remembers Tomorrow, Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Redland Art Gallery

2013  Desire Lines, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne

2013  Group Show #26, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

2012  Primavera, MCA, Sydney

2012  How Today Remembers Tomorrow, Orange Regional Gallery, Albury Art Gallery, Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre, Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Redland Art Gallery 

2012  Transmission, Campbelltown Art Centre, Sydney

2012  Masculin Féminin (part 2), Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

2011  Australian Video Art, Barbican, London, UK

2011  Where there is water, Lake Macquarie Gallery, NSW

2011  Illuminations and Bad Faith, Bondi Pavillion Gallery, Sydney

2011  Whatever Works, db main gallery, Sydney

2010  The Garden of Forking Paths, Grantpirrie Gallery, Sydney

2010  X-Ray, Frieze Art Fair, UK London

2010  Phenomonononon, SCA Gallery, Sydney

2010  Move - Kaldor Public Art Projects, Queensland Art Gallery, QLD

2010  Instructions, Queen Street Studios, Sydney

2009  Rising Tide: Film and Video Works From the MCA Collection. Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

2009  On Rage, Jan Murphy Brisbane

2009  The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get, University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane

2009  Rising Tide: Film and Video Works From the MCA Collection, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego

2009  X-Ray, Perseverance, London

2008  Neo-Goth: Black and Black, University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane

2008  Roving Eye, Rebecca Hossack, London

2008  Looking Out, Macquarie University Art Gallery, Sydney

2008  I Am a Good Boy, Firstdraft, Sydney

2008  MOVE: Video Art in Schools 

2007  Funeral Songs, MOP Projects, Sydney

2007  Ill Communication, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne

2007  In hindsight the narrative may/may not have been as intended, Rocketart, Newcastle

2007  New Acquisitions 2007, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

2007  Portal, Grantpirrie, Sydney 

2007  Albury National Photographic Prize, Albury N.S.W 

2007  The one and the many, DELL Gallery, Brisbane

2006  The year in art, S.H Ervin Gallery, Sydney 

2006  Projector, Four, Dublin, Ireland

2006  Tomorrow Again, Artspace, Sydney

2006  Low, MOP Projects, Sydney

2006  Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship, Artspace, Sydney 

2006  Flaming Youth, Orange Regional Gallery, Orange

2006  The Sunshine Coast Art Prize, Caloundra Regional Art Gallery, Caloundra, New South Wales

2006  Play: Special Edition - Video Art from Australia, Vienna

2006  Hello Lovers (thanks fans), Bus Gallery, Melbourne

2006  The Tonight Show, The Rehearsal Room, Sydney

2006  Masquerade, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 

2006  Swell, Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery, Lake Macquarie, New South Wales

2005  Punch, MOP Projects

2005  Glad Wrap Up, Sherman Galleries, Sydney

2005  To Think We Almost Make It (The Anti-Heroic Gestures of True Romantics), Firstdraft, Sydney



2018  Albury National Photographic Prize Exhibition (finalist), Albury, New South Wales

2007  Albury National Photographic Prize Exhibition (finalist), Albury, New South Wales

2006  Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship exhibition (winner), Artspace, Sydney

2006  The Sunshine Coast Art Prize Exhibition (finalist), Caloundra Regional Art Gallery, Caloundra, New South Wales



Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania

John Kaldor Collection

ArtBank, Australia



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Untitled (from the series innerwest) in collaboration with Andrew Liversage